About Betimise

Betimise is an all-in-one monetisation solution, allowing Website Owners to instantly make money by partnering with iGaming Operators. Built with the idea of serving Website Owners who resort to low-paying ad providers in order to stay afloat, Betimise allows monetisation like never before with a ‘you profit when they profit’ approach. This means that every time you generate a sale to an iGaming Operator as a result of using one of our widgets on your website, you’ll receive a share of the profits rather than a one-time fixed fee.

We’ve made our tools very easy to use and maintain with little knowledge being required. From start to finish, the process of making money through our platform is seamless. As soon as you register you’ll be able to access and get to know our available tools, where you can customise and create a widget suitable for your website layout. Once this is placed on your website, you’ll be able to login to your Betimise account at anytime to view its performance. At the end of each month, your commission is calculated and paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal or Neteller within 3 weeks.

To date, we host over 1,000 widgets and have helped some really great websites achieve a stronger income. As we continue to grow and improve Betimise for our members, we urge any suggestions be sent to us via our contact form. We would love to hear how we can make our service better for you.